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Howdy, world! Or, as is more likely the case, interested friends who were redirected from my Facebook page. In any case. Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Taylor. One week ago today, I turned twenty. This may not seem like such a large event in the grand scheme of things. Lots of people have birthdays every day. It’s what people do. But the turning over of a decade always seems to be a particularly marked occasion.

Living life as a teenager, you are constantly reminded of your age. It is held against you and held over you, constrains you and defines you, and shapes every part of your existence. You constantly strive to grow up, or to seem more grown up, to make plans and create a future.

So, what happens when you hit your twenties? People stop telling you what to do and you’re simply expected to know what to do. You move out of your parent’s house or the college dorms and start living on your own and paying bills and looking for work. You’re told you have less time to “waste” pursuing hobbies and that it’s time to choose your career and own your choices.

Of course. I’ve only been twenty for a week. So this is mostly speculation.

I’m writing to find out if any of it is true. I want to chronicle what happens as an aspiring theatre designer takes on what is widely regarded as perhaps the most pivotal decade of one’s life. Simply a story every now and again that may or may not prove helpful or relatable. All I have to share with you are my own experiences.

Let’s go for a ride.


Written by Taylor Webster

February 6, 2011 at 3:39 am

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