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I like taking stories seriously, often spending hours on careful, deliberate analysis to glean the fullest sense of meaning from a text. I like sharing these stories with the people I care about, but I like sharing them with strangers even more. I like that the most rewarding part of working so hard to understand and share these stories is hearing how they’ve deeply affected the lives of friends and strangers.

I believe that collaboration is essential to life, and that what is most wonderful is that which is created as part of a communal undertaking. I believe that life was not meant to be lived in solitude, and that the modern inclination to look out for yourself over your community at all costs has driven painful fractures into our society.

I like spending time with groups of people who are working together for a goal bigger than themselves. I like that these people often consider themselves part of a family, and will lay aside everything else in their lives to make sure that the grander vision is accomplished to its fullest extent.

I believe that those who have are taking the best approach to life are those who are able to see light in the midst of darkness, and foster a perpetual hope for the coming season.

I like making beautiful things out of light and dust, colored dirt and animal hair, right angles and swaths of color.

I believe that life is not a quest for efficiency and accumulation, but a re-ordering of the world to create new perspectives of the ultimate beauty. I believe that we were born into a garden of abundant life, and we are moving towards a city where that life will never end.

I like investing in people, taking time to get to know them, and being inspired by their stories. Everyone deserves to have someone care about them enough to listen for an hour or two and learn to see the world through their eyes.

I believe that stories can often teach us more about the world than a litany of memorized facts. Novels, short stories, poems, lyrics, plays, liturgy, and holy writ all cause us to pause, step out of ourselves, and accept perspectives we have never considered. At their best, they comfort and encourage us, provoke and challenge us, and never allow us to walk away unchanged.

I like engaging with the surprising and letting my life be driven by the unexpected. The plans I would have made for the past four years of my life are nowhere near as fulfilling as the unexpected events and changes that have transpired.

I believe that the desires of a heart greater than mine to see life and beauty reinforced in this world and my vocational connection to the performing arts are not as disparate as I once believed them to be, and that whatever the future holds, my hope lies in the synthesis of these strongest parts of my heart.


Written by Taylor Webster

November 17, 2011 at 10:16 pm