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this poem is probably not about what you think it is about. seriously. it is probably based more on fiction than real life, and more on the past than on current events.  but i still think that maybe it is true. and, if it was about me, it would be where i was, where i am, and where i want to be, all in one.


in the quiet hours of darkness
my heart aches for a taste
of what was
of what this

of (re:)min(i)sce

no photographs exist to immortalize
what this
between you
between me
between us
and the record shows it never happened and i almost believe it except
my heart wanders

i cannot promise there will always be
in my heart
for you
like i once did
like there once was

the line between us, once jagged rock, etching deep crevasses longing to be explored
once bursting with life
once standing tall above the shore in bold proclamation
has been softened
by the rage
of a mighty river
into smooth

and i
i am
i am so
i am so sorry

for coldness is not the metric equivalent of grace
forgiveness is not found in distance
in acceptance
of the smoothing over
of joy
of tension
of anger
of love
into acquaintance
the heart
the heart
the heart does not forget

the heart does not forget
and the great dane in the room will never be invisible
or smoothed over
or forgotten

he must. be loved.

take the smoothness
sterile, clean, pure, simple
cherish it

and drop it. break it. let the giant dog scratch up your hardwood floor and
let the rocks keep all their jagged parts and
share pictures of what doesn’t matter any more because
it is real
and it happened
and it mattered

in the beat up floor, the rock heap, the discarded snapshots of a time gone by
there is still life.
old, dried out bones
still longing for a second chance and that is why
though instinct prefers the smooth

i cannot be so

the contentment and ease of a filed-down stone
will never keep my interest
i have seen the life in the great dane scramble
and i have watched it break
and i have helped to break it
and i have encouraged others
to do the same
but still. i remember
i ache
i long
and some clear and jagged day
i will be able to say
with fullness and purpose

i love


Written by Taylor Webster

December 8, 2012 at 11:46 pm

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