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Five Things You Don’t Stop Loving Just Because You’re Twenty

Based on approximately one week’s experience

  1. Phone Calls The phone is a really fantastic method of communication. The sound of you best friend’s voice coming in from a couple thousand miles away is incredibly reassuring sometimes.
  2. That One Band Remember your favorite band from high school? The one you would have sold your iPod and your college admissions letter to go see? You might not have listened to them in a few years. You may think that means you’ve grown up in some sense. But go back to your hard drive and give ’em a listen. Yeah. They still rock.
  3. Macaroni and Cheese Really, any form of grain and cheese. Quesadillas. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Mac and Cheese. This week it’s been Kroger brand shells and cheese. Oh yeah. delicious.
  4. Children’s Entertainment When you’re eighteen, you’re allowed to start purchasing your own “adult entertainment”. I believe the real challenge of self-discovery and growing up exists in revisiting the books and films that you loved as a kid. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the truths of Beauty and the Beast, Ender’s Game, or The Magic School Bus are still relevant and entertaining.
  5. Arts and Crafts Some of us call what we do “professional theatrical design”. But I can tell you, when I’m putting together a scale model of a set, cutting and painting the tiny pieces, it’s the same thrill I got when it was Diorama Day in Elementary School.

Written by Taylor Webster

February 5, 2011 at 9:19 pm

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